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Piezo Sensors

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  • FDT Series elements with lead attachment
    · Piezo Film Technology
    · Flexible Leads
    · High Strain Output
    · Film Thickness Options
    · Lamination Options
    · Solderable Connection Pins

    FDT Series elements with lead attachment

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  • Metallized piezo film sheets
    · Thin, flexible film sheets
    · Multi-purpose … design your own Sensor
    · Different Electrode Options – Sputtered metallization or Silver ink
    · Various Film Thickness Options

    Metallized piezo film sheets

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    · High Sensativity
    · Higher Resonaant Frequency
    · Solderable
    · Shielded
    · Rugged
    · Withstands High Shock


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  • SDT Shielded piezo sensors
    · Shielded coaxial cable lead
    · Shielded sensor
    · Low noise
    · Flexible
    · Multi-purpose
    · Piezo film Technology

    SDT Shielded piezo sensors

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  • Sleep Monitor Strip
    · heart rate, heart rate variability, respiration
      rate measurements
    · Can detect breathing, pulse
      and body movement

    Sleep Monitor Strip

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