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Sliding the MLS-Sensors along a magnetic scale will produce
a sine and a cosine output signal as a function of the position. In
order to deliver satisfying results, this will be achieved as long as
the air gap between sensor edge and magnetic scale surface does
not exceed approximately half of the pole pitch. As the sensor
principle is based on the anisotropic magneto resistance effect,
the signal amplitudes are nearly independent on the magnetic field
strength and therefore air gap variations do not have a strong
effect on the accuracy. The sensor detects a magnetic gradient
field and is thus almost insensitive to homogenous magnetic stray fields.

Precise displacement values will be obtained by using a
sine/cosine decoder device. The maximal obtainable precision
depends on the accuracy of the magnetic scale and on the
distance sensor – magnetic scale. Values of [lt]1% of the pole pitch
are common.

Technical Data

· Sin- / cos-output signals suitable for signal evaluation by standard- ASIC’s
· Very high precision
· Insensitive to air gap fluctuations
· Highly reliable
· Low interference field sensitivity

· Linear displacement, movements, velocities in dirty environments
· Very precise angular measurement using pole wheels

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