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RS 485 Transceiver Modules

Mornsun RS485 transceiver modules replace the traditional design by integrating transceiver, isolation chip and high efficient DC/DC isolated power in one module. The modules can be used for inter-communications between devices on the industrial bus, achieving the signal transceiving and power isolation. They target automotive industry, rail transportation, smart monitoring, smart meters, etc.

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Technical Data

Series Integrated Power No of Channel Transmission Rate (bps) Vin (VDC) Notes Number Isolation (VDC) Package Features
TDx01D485 width=

1 0~9.6K 3.17~3.45,4.75~5.25 32 2500 DIP10 Low speed
TDHx01D485H width=

1 0~115.2K 3.17~3.45,4.75~5.25 32 3750VAC DIP10 High speed
TDx01D485H-A width=

1 0~115.2K 3.17~3.45,4.75~5.25 32 2500 DIP10 Automatic switching
TDx01D485H width=

1 0~200K 3.17~3.45,4.75~5.25 32 2500 DIP10 High speed
TDx01D485H-E width=

1 0~500K 3.17~3.45,4.75~5.25 256 2500 DIP10 Enhanced

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RS 485 Transceiver Modules

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