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SM9D/G low cost and low pressure sensor in SOIC16 package

The SMI flagship low-pressure SM95 sensor die is now available as an uncompensated, unamplified device in an SO16 package. This SMT package allows high-volume assembly of SMI’s proven SM95 sensors for those customers who do not require the fully compensated, digital solutions SMI currently offers. The new devices have an operating temperature range from -40°C to +85°C, and reliability has been established not only by extensive testing guided by the AEC-Q100 Reliability Standard, but also by the experience of millions of devices already in the field.

A variety of packages are available, including dual vertical ports for the smallest footprint, dual horizontal ports for the lowest profile and a single vertical port for gauge applications. The dual-port versions allow pressure to be applied from the backside of the die to protect electrical components from harsh environments. Three pressure ranges are available, ranging from 10 cm H2O (0.15 psi) to 100 cm H2O (1,5 psi). All devices have unamplified, uncompensated millivolt outputs. Devices are typically powered at 3.3 or 5 volts.

Technical Data

Available in pressure ranges full scale:




Each with 10x burst pressure.

Differential or Gage Pressure Options

Vin 6,5V max.

Pressure sensors overview.pdf

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SM9D/G low cost and low pressure sensor in SOIC16 package

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