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MOONS’  is a global Top 3 stepper motor manufacturer with the yearly shipment of more than 10 million hybrid stepper motors in the world, using internationally proven scientific management tools along with the pursuit for professional applied technologies.

MOONS’ values are the use of professional design, engineering, manufacturing, logistics, marketing, and sales skills and aims for a management structure that is international and scientific. MOONS’ relies on its knowledge as professionals and its commitments to service to provide the product range of high quality stepper motors, AC and DC servo motors, step servo motors, integrated motors, synchronous motors, brushless dc motors, motion control products, switching power supplies, LED drives and conductive assemblies.

MOONS’ continuously develops products that conserve energy, are more convenient and efficient in utilization and application, bringing assurance to the customers and creating values for them.

MOONS’ strives to expand as a supplier of integrated products through application engineering and being able to offer value added services and solutions for its customers. Its customer base ranges from industrial equipment components to office automation, from household appliance to precision motion controls, from automotive applications to medical devices.

MOONS’ pursues excellence and continues to forge ahead into a wider variety of applications, bringing its customers globally competitive, value added components, sub-assemblies, while maintaining World Class quality and performance.

MOONS’ was established in February 1994.Headquartered in Shanghai, China.Subsidiaries located in North America, Europe South-East Asia and Japan.More than 300 employees engaged in product research and development.More than 2500 employees in total.In 2017, MOONS’ was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock code 603728)

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