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Since 1998 Netzer Precision Position Sensors, designs manufactures, and supplies high-end absolute position encoders, based on the unique Electric Encoder™ technology.

The company is offering standard “off the shelf” products as well as designs tailored to customer requirements.

Netzer’s patented, high-performance, digital, Electric Encoder™ technology can be found in a wide variety of applications, worldwide.

The product portfolio includes a range of rotary encoders suited for applications ranging from harsh environment and defense, industrial automation, collaborative and medical robotics through unmanned vehicles and aerospace to special low orbit and deep space missions.

The Electric Encoder’s unique contactless core with a “hollow shaft” configuration supports the lowest possible axial space requirements and enhances reliability by eliminating the degradation mechanism.

Among the cutting edge features: Zero magnetic signature, Insensitivity to EMI/RFI and magnetic fields, low weight, low inertia, and narrow profile (≤10 mm).

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