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2070-45 SoM – RIN32M3

Real Time Ethernet Gateway – EtherNetIP, Profinet [&] EtherCAT

The SoM (Stack on Module) is a ready to use, pre-certified (with example application) dual port Ethernet module solution currently available for PROFINET RT, EtherNetIP, EtherCAT real-time protocols, including an embedded 2-port Ethernet switch with a 3rd internal port for bus and ring network topologies.

In the SoM – RIN32M3 module a Renesas microcontroller is integrated running a protocol library which supports various kinds of real-time industrial Ethernet communication protocols. With a well-documented generic API (Application Programming Interface), the protocol library can be simply accessed from an application processor in order to exchange real-time network data with the user application via a lean SPI module interface.

The generic API is an abstraction platform for real-time communication offering scalable multi-protocol solutions such as PROFINET RT, EtherNetIP and EtherCAT. The external application processor has full control of the protocol stacks running on the module CPU without interfering the modules’ real-time communication or wasting the CPU performance on the host processor.
The currently available industrial Ethernet protocols PROFINET RT, EtherNetIP, EtherCAT implementations are complying with the latest specification releases. An extensive tool chain covering evaluation boards (module and application processor), API source code and host application examples including extensive documentation makes the integration into your target application environment quite easy. All this enables the users for a lean and independent connection to existing or new applications, products and networks while accelerating time to market.

Based on a RIN32M3EC CPU in combination with GOAL technology from PORT, this SoM offers PROFINET, EtherNetIP, EtherCAT on board. Simply connect via the SPI of your host controller – and your applications are already multi-protocol capable.


  • cost effectiv and easy to integrate
  • one module for all market leading real-time communication systems
  • open interfaces for more flexibly in the connector area
  • works with RJ45, M12, M8 or MiniIO
  • extensive tool offer for management and integration makes the design very efficent
  • integrated update service – you get always the latest firmware

Technical Data


SoM – RIN32M3 datasheet (pdf)

Link to maufacturer site:


Solution Kit´s avaiable for:
ARDUINO – PMOD Board for RENESAS Synergy S5 / S7
ARDUINO – PMOD Board for STM32F4 (Nucleo)
ARDUINO – PMOD Board and Raspberry-Pi (LINUX)

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2070-45 SoM - RIN32M3

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