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Golledge supply one of the widest ranges of quartz crystals to suit virtually all applications, including high frequency, low frequency, low power, military temperature range and high shock. The largest range of frequencies, packages and specifications are held in stock for immediate despatch. Custom specifications are available on short leadtimes.

Specification Code

To express normal parameters concisely we use a standard notation of the form:



A = Calibration tolerance, expressed in parts per million (ppm)

B = Temperature stability over the temperature range, expressed in parts per million (ppm)

C = Negative end of operating temp range, which is normally symmetrical about +25°C.

0 = 0 to +50°C
10 = -10 to +60°C
20 = -20 to +70°C
30 = -30 to +80°C
40 = -40 to +90°C
55 = -55 to +105°C

If the operating temperature range is not symmetrical about +25°C we will specify both upper and lower limits i.e. ‘-55+125’. Ovened Crystals are signified by showing the oven temperature here and the figures ‘00’ for temperature stability.

D = Circuit condition. A number specifies parallel resonance with a load capacitance in pF. SR denotes Series Resonance.

E = Operating mode of crystal, where:

F = fundamental mode
3 = third overtone
5 = fifth overtone
7 = seventh overtone mode
9 = ninth overtone mode

Frequency and holder style are shown separately as are any special parameters such as C1,C0,L1, etc.


  • 30/50/10/30-F denotes a crystal with ±30ppm calibration tolerance, a temperature stability of ±50ppm over temperature range -10+60°C, 30pF load capacitance and operating in fundamental mode.
  • 05/10/20/SR-3 denotes a crystal with ±5ppm calibration tolerance, a temperature stability of ±10ppm over temperature range -20+70°C, series resonant and operating in third overtone mode.

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