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KMT36H 360° Magnetic Angle Sensor

The KMT36H is a magnetic field sensor utilizing the anisotropic
magneto resistance effect. Therefore the sensor is sensing the
magnetic field direction rather than the magnetic field strength.
The sensor contains three Wheatstone bridges rotated by 120°. A
rotating magnetic field (typical strength 25 kA/m in the sensor
plane) will result in three sinusoidal output signals with a period of
180°, phase shifted by 60° field angle. By use of a modified atan
algorithm the field angle can be calculated with high accuracy.
As an unique feature, the KMT36H is able to measure full 360° by
utilizing an additional magnetic field which is generated by a planar
coil that is integrated on the chip. The 180°/360° determination is
done by a simple sign distinction and may be computed periodically
or only once at power up.

Technical Data

· Ideal for harsh environments due to magnetic sensing principle
· Contactless absolute angular measurement over 360°
· Accuracy better than +/- 0.5°
· Three bridge signals with 120° phase difference
· Tiny TDFN-housing 2.5 x 2.5 x 0.8 mm3

· Absolute angle measurement
· Potentiometer replacement
· Motor motion control
· Camera positioning
· Robotics

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KMT36H 360° Magnetic Angle Sensor

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