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Quad Smart Solenoid & Motor Driver with Advanced Diagnostic, SPI, 4xIN (1,7A/36V)

The MAX22216 integrate four programmable 36V half-bridges. It is primarily intended to drive inductive loads such as on-off solenoid valves, DC motors, proportional valves, bi-stable valves, relays, etc. The MAX22216 is capable of up to 3.2AFS per half-bridge. The MAX22216 operates from -40°C to +125°C ambient temperature.

The MAX22216 half-bridges support two different use cases. In the first case, configuration settings can be entered through a serial peripheral interface (SPI) and can be changed at any time. Alternatively, settings can be stored in one-time programmable (OTP) registers, which are loaded at power-up. This enables stand-alone operations. Registers are user-programmable. The OTP writing procedure must be executed in a factory under well-controlled temperature and voltage conditions.

High-side/low-side single-ended drive operations and bridge-tied load (BTL) configurations are supported. Channel parallelization is also supported. Voltage control, current control, and mixed schemes are supported.

In voltage drive regulation mode (VDR mode), the half-bridge output voltage is controlled. Supply variations are internally compensated.

In current drive regulation mode (CDR mode), the half-bridge output current is controlled. The current is internally sensed and fed back to the controller for accurate closed-loop regulation. Proportional and integral gains can be configured to optimize steady-state errors and dynamic performance.

The MAX22216 integrate functions aimed to optimize solenoid and DC motor drive control. These include a two-level sequencer for power saving, drive signal ramp control (RAMP) for noise reduction, a dither function (DITH) to counteract the effects of static friction and hysteresis, a fast demagnetization feature (DC_H2L) to shorten on-off cycles, and a DC-Motor current limiter for limiting inrush and stall currents.

Advanced diagnostic functions are available to improve system reliability and enable predictive maintenance. These include the detection of plunger movement (DPM), inductance measurement, travel time measurement, open-load detection (OL), and real-time current monitoring through a serial Interface.

The MAX22216 features a full set of protection circuits, including overcurrent protection (OCP), overtemperature protection (OVT), and undervoltage lockout (UVM). A fault indicator pin is asserted whenever faults are detected.

The MAX22216 is offered in TQFN32 5mm x 5mm package.

Features and benefits

  • Four Serial Controlled 36V Half Bridges
    • 1.7A DC (TA = 25°C) and 3.2A Full-Scale Current Capability
  • Low RON for High Efficiency
  • High Flexibility:
    • Independent Channel Setting
    • High-Side/Low-Side/Bridge-Tied Load Configuration/Parallel Mode Supported
  • Advanced Control Methods
    • Voltage/Current Drive Regulation
    • Two Levels Sequencer for Power Saving
    • DC-Motor Drive with Current Limiter
    • Dithering Function
    • Ramp up/down Control
    • Demagnetization Voltage Control
    • Integrated Current Sense
  • Diagnostic Functions:
    • Reaction and Travel Time Measurement
    • Detection of Plunger Movements
    • Open-Load Detection
    • Inductance Measurement
    • Digital Current Sense Monitor
  • Full Set of Protections
    • Overcurrent Protection
    • Thermal Protections
    • Undervoltage Lockout

Technical Data

Load Type: Solenoid, DC-Motor
No. Channels: 4
Motor Supply: 4,5…36 V
IO Supply: 3,3 V
Bridge Current, RMS: 1,7 A
R DS on HS: 170 mΩ
LS: 170…430 mΩ
Control Interface: SPI, IN1…IN4
Package: TQFN32 5×5 mm
Order code: MAX22216ATJY+



MAX22216 datasheet (PDF)

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