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MHR-T SERIES Miniature High-Temperature AC LVDT

The MHR-T Series LVDTs are a variant of the legendary MHR Series. The MHR-T Series provide precision measurements in space restrictive applications at temperatures up to 392°F [200°C] continuous.

With a diameter of just 3/8 inch [9.5mm], and an extremely lightweight core, the MHR-T Series is ideal for applications where excessive core weight could influence the motion; with less inertia, accurate measurements at higher displacement speeds are easier to achieve. The lightweight core also reduces mechanical stresses and helps preserve the structural integrity of the core actuation assembly.

The high output sensitivity resulting from the close electrical coupling between the coil and core provides ample signal for interfacing with practically all signal conditioners and conditioning circuits. The magnetic stainless steel housing provides electromagnetic and electrostatic shielding.

Available in a variety of stroke ranges from ±0.025 to ±1 inch, the MHR-T is compatible with the full line of Measurement Specialties LVDT signal conditioners.

Like in most of our LVDTs, the MHR-T windings are vacuum impregnated with a specially formulated, high temperature, flexible resin, and the coil assembly is potted inside its housing with a two-component epoxy. This provides excellent protection against hostile environments such as high humidity, vibration and shock.

Technical Data

· Small size and low mass core
· High output signal
· Stroke ranges from ± 0.025 to ±1 inch
· AC operation from 2kHz to 20kHz
· Stainless steel housing
· Imperial or metric threaded core
· Compact size
· 392°F [200°C] continuous operation
· Lightweight core
· Shock and vibration tolerant
· Calibration certificate supplied with each unit

· High temperature applications
· Cylinder position feedback
· Materials testing machines
· Space restricted installations

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MHR-T SERIES Miniature High-Temperature AC LVDT

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