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Moisture resistant temperature sensor

Many temperature sensing applications in HVAC, appliance and
other industries require that the sensor be mounted in or near areas
that are subject to moisture due to condensation. Thermistors can be
seriously affected by long term exposure to moisture in these
situations. Over time, this condition will cause low or very erratic
resistances due to sensor instability. In high moisture environments,
it’s imperative that the internal construction of the probe assembly is
capable of sealing off all moisture paths to the thermistor.
The Moisture Resistant Thermistor design provides an excellent
moisture seal between all parts of the system and deters water from
entering the assembly. A unique internal construction is utilized as
well as a special combination of wire and epoxies to provide a
moisture resistant seal to the outside environment and, thus
protecting the thermistor sensing element.
Any number of different thermistor curves and values can be
accommodated as well as a broad range of housing and wire styles.
Terminations can be provided utilizing various connector pins or
plugs. Please contact the factory for specific design or application
information on the availability of options.

Technical Data

· Can accommodate a wide array of thermistor sensing elements
· Wide operating temperature range: -40˚C to 125˚C
· Excellent for freeze/thaw applications in refrigeration, HVAC and appliance industries
· Standard cable length is 10 ft.
· Standard housing is 0.25” OD Nickelplated Brass

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Moisture resistant temperature sensor

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