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The PTF family combines a group of resistance temperature
detectors (RTD) using a Platinum resistor element utilizing the
latest in thin film technology. It consists of a structured platinum film
on a ceramic substrate, passivated by a glass coating. The
connection wires are protected with glass on the welding area.
The characteristic curve of this Platinum RTD complies with DIN
EN 60751. The usage of Platinum as the resistive material provides
excellent long-term stability.
Due to small size and low mass, this RTD has a fast response time
and low time constant; therefore, it is an optimal solution for fast
and precise feedback control systems.

Technical Data

· Conforms to DIN EN 60751
· Wide operating temperature range: -50°C to +600°C
(Ni/Au wire and Class F 0.3, Ag-Wire versions are limited to 300°C)
· Standard nominal resistances values: R0: 100 and 1000Ω
(others available upon request)
Class F 0.1 (T = AA), F 0.15 (A), F 0.3 (B) and F 0.6 (C) accuracy
· Very low drift over lifetime
· Fast response time due to low thermal mass
· Variety of outline dimensions available
to fit a wide range of space requirements
· Global interchangeability

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