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Rotary Piezo Motor 2,5 mNm / 9 mm / 50V

Piezo Motion RAS series piezo rotary motor with a plain hollow shaft. The motor has a driving torque greater than [gt]2.5 mNm.

Piezo Motion piezomotors work on a patented principle of excitation of ultrasonic standing waves within a piezoelectric resonator. The resulting superposition of two orthogonal ultrasonic waves causes eliptical movement of the resonator tip which direct drives a rotary or linear element.

Unfortunately Piezo Motion went out of business

We are sorry but this product is no lnger available

Technical Data


Nominal Outside Diameter 9 mm
Torque Options 2.5 mNm
Self Braking Torque Options 2.8 mNm
Speed Options ≥300 rpm
Torque [gt]2.5 mNm
Rotational Speed [gt]300 rpm
Current Options 300 mA
Driver Supply Voltage 5 V
Driver Output Voltage 50 V
Response Time Range 10 µs to 30 µs
Minimum Angular Step [lt] 30 µrad
Angular Hysteresis at Direction Change [lt] 30 arc.min
Operating Temperature Range -20 to 80°C


Order Codes

PN Connection Wire Encoder Included Driver Supported Drivers Status
RAS2P5009HAC10 Molex 10 cm no no EDB50V005BB production
RAS2P5009HAC10-K1 Molex 10 cm no EDB50V005BB production
RAS2P5009HAC10-E Molex 10 cm optical no EDB50V005BB 2021-07
RAS2P5009HAC10-EK1 Molex 10 cm optical EDB50V005BB 2021-07
RAS2P5009HAW10 leads 10 cm no no EDB50V005BB production
RAS2P5009HAW10-E leads 10 cm optical no EDB50V005BB 2021-07




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