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Smart Stepper Motor Driver with SPI and Step/Direction (2,2A/30V)

The TMC2660 integrates both a pre-driver for real-time calculation of motor coil current values, and power MOSFETS for amplification of coil outputs to directly drive an external motor.

Packaged in a single multi-chip module, the integrated driver/amplifier achieves the lowest power dissipation currently available for a 4A stepper motor driver. With an Rds(on) of 65mΩ, the TMC2660 dissipates just 2.8W at 4A, an 85% reduction compared with the most competitive solution previously available. The new device’s minimal power dissipation eliminates the need for a heat sink, enabling highly dense board designs and reduced component count and cost.

Technical Data

Technical Data:

Motor Type: Stepper, 2-phase, bipolar
No. Axes: 1
Motor Supply: 9…30V
Logic Supply: 3,3…5V
Phase Current, RMS: 2,2A / 2,8A (boost)
Phase Current, peak: 3,9A
Microstep Resolution: 1…256
Interfaces: SPI, Step/Direction
stallGuard2™ X
coolStep™ X
spreadCycle™ Chopper X
microPlyer™ (interpolation) 16 to 256
stealthChop™ (no noise) no
dcStep™ no
passive breaking no
RDSon current sensing no
Programmable microstep table no
Package: QFP44
Order code: TMC2660-PA


TMC2660 datasheet (PDF)

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