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3-axis Low-Cost Stepper Motor Motion-Controller

The TMC429 is a miniaturized low cost, high performance stepper motor controller for up to three motors. It integrates all real time critical tasks in reliable, dedicated hardware: An integrated motion ramp profile generator as well as an adaptable microstep sequencer with microstep RAM table. Advanced stop- and reference switch handling allows for precise and fast referencing as well as on-the-fly position checking. Automatic motor current control gives high motor dynamics while saving energy. The interrupt output can generate precise position pulses.

The TMC429 connects to the recent coolStep™ drivers (TMC260, TMC262 and TMC389) via Step- [&] Direction signals (S/D) or to the classic TRINAMIC drivers TMC236, TMC239, TMC246 and TMC249 via SPI®. The communication with the host microcontroller is done with an extra SPI® interface. The host just needs to do high-level control tasks, e.g. giving the command: Drive motor 2 to position 1000. The TMC429 automatically calculates the motion ramp based on velocity and acceleration parameters.

TMC 429 allows for linear ramping profiles on three independent axes. All ramping parameters for every axis may be changed on the fly during movements.
The MCU is relieved from all time critical calculations.

Technical Data

Technical Data:

Motor Type: Stepper
No. Axes: 3
Logic Supply: 3,3…5V
Microstep Resolution: 1…64 via SPI
Acceleration ramp: trapezoidal / linear
Interfaces: SPI, Step/Direction (-LI)
End- [&] Ref.-Switch inputs: 3
ABN Encoder interface: no
stallGuard2™ X
Programmable microstep table X
Package: -I: SSOP16
-LI: QFN32 5x5mm
Order code: TMC429-I


TMC429 datasheet (PDF)

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