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Low Voltage Dual DC-Motor Driver with UART, IN1+IN2+EN (2x 1,2A/2..11V)

Working from a single or dual Li-Ion cell or dual or more AA batteries the TMC7300 is optimally suited for battery operated equipment. Its two full-bridges allow either control of two DC motors, PWM-control of LEDs, or protected standalone peripheral driving, using a polarity signal per halfbridge. Operate up to two DC motors via simple UART control for direction, velocity and torque. Integrated power-MOSFETs with internal charge-pump for best-in-class RDSon even at low supply voltage, handle motor current up to 1.2A per motor continuously, or the double current in parallel connection. Together with a tiny standby current, this guarantees a long battery life. Protection and diagnostic features support robust and reliable operation. This advanced driver ensures efficient and reliable operation for cost-effective and highly competitive solutions.

High volume product: MOQ = 1 reel = 5000pc

Features and benefits

  • Voltage Range: 2V (1.8V) … 11V
  • DCBattery Operation: min. 2 AA / NiMh cells, or 1-2 Li-Ion cells
  • 1 / 2 DC motors: up to 2A / 2.4A with velocity [&] torque control
  • Direct Bridge: control for solenoids, relays, lamps, motors…
  • Single Wire UART: for two-motor torque and velocity control
  • Standby: [lt]50nA typ. current draw
  • Low RDSon: LS 170mΩ [&] HS 170mΩ (typ.)
  • Parallel Option: for single DC motor
  • Motor Load Feedback: available
  • Full Protection [&] Diagnostics
  • Tiny of QFN 3*3: with 20 pins

Technical Data

Motor Type: DC-Motor
No. Axes: 2
Motor Supply: 2…11V
IO Supply: 2…5,25V
Bridge Current, RMS: 2x 0,6 / 1,2 A
R DS on HS: 170mΩ
LS: 170mΩ
Interfaces: UART,
direct bridge
Package: QFN20 3x3mm
Order code: TMC7300-LA



TMC7300 datasheet (PDF)

Link to YouTube Video:

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