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 20, 28, 35, 42, 57mm Linear Hybrid Stepper Actuators 

MOONS’ has combined years of hybrid step motor experience, with quality leadscrews and nuts, to create the L Series linear actuators. The L Series linear actuators provide more force, high precision, and options to fit the application needs of machine designers.

  • 3 styles of linear actuators
  • Five frame Sizes: 8, 11, 14, 17, 23
  • Multiple motor lengths and PowerPlus size 23 provide a total of 12 different motor sizes
  • Each motor size has 3-8 different standard lead screws
  • Each motor size has a selection of standard windings

In addition… MOONS’makes may custom actuators, so you can get exactly what you need.

The combination of actuator styles, sizes, lead-screws and windings, gives the freedom to use motors of different form factors to exactly fit in the application. And, it provides the most performance with any drive and power supply. The L Series includes several advanced patent pending technologies to provide the best efficiency and long life, in a compact package.

L Series linear actuators are offered with a variety of lead-screws, that are designated by their lead. Lead is the distance the nut travels when the lead-screw turns one revolution. For a given motor, larger leads will move the nut faster, but with less force.

To determine the linear movement per step divide the screw lead by the motor steps / revolution. For example: Lead designation E062 has a lead of 1.588 mm (.0625”). With a 1.8 degree step motor the movement per step is 1.5875 / 200 = 0.00794 mm / step (.062 / 200 = 0.0003125 inch / step). Note: the E in the E062 designation indicates this is based on inches, and the mm values have been rounded.

Technical Data

Hybrid Series:





Captive Non-


8 / 20 LE8HY LC8HY LN8HY
11 / 28 LE11HS LC11HS LN11HS
14 / 35 LE14HS LC14HS LN14HS
17 / 42 LE17HD LC17HD LN17HD
23 / 56 LE23HS LC23HS LN23HS


MOONS’ Linear Hybrid Stepper Actuator Catalog (pdf)

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