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MS17HD Series

42mm/NEMA17 Bipolar Hybrid 1,8° Stepper (0,2-0,83 Nm)

2 phases 1.8° hybrid stepper motor is the most popular in market and has the most extensive product coverage, as a result of a series of optimizations and improvements, its performance and value has been greatly improved.


  • Phases 2
  • Steps / Revolution 200
  • Step Accuracy ±5%
  • Shaft Load (20,000 Hours at 1000 RPM)
  • Axial 25 N (1.3 Lbs.) Push
  • Axial 65 N (5.6 Lbs.) Pull
  • Radial 29 N (4 Lbs.) At Flat Center
  • IP Rating 40
  • Approvals UL Recognized File E465363, RoHS
  • Operating Temp. -20°C to +50°C
  • Insulation Class B, 130°C
  • Insulation Resistance 100 MegOhms

Technical Data

Available Bipolar Models:

MS17HD5P4027, MS17HD5P4070, MS17HD5P4100, MS17HD5P4150,
MS17HD4P4040, MS17HD4P4065, MS17HD4P4100, MS17HD4P4150,
MS17HD2P4040, MS17HD2P4100, MS17HD2P4150, MS17HD2P4200,
MS17HD6P4050, MS17HD6P4100, MS17HD6P4150, MS17HD6P4200,
MS17HDBP4100, MS17HDBP4150, MS17HDBP4200


  • 4 Lead Cable: Part Number 4634 1402 00723
  • 6 Lead Cable: Part Number 4634 1402 00922


MOONS' Hybrid Stepper Motors Catalog (pdf)

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MS17HD Series

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