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Evaluation Kit for WM2000

The WM2000EV is a great starting point for evaluating the capabilities of the WM2000, Tibbo’s programmable Wi-Fi/BLE module.

The Kit was designed to be completely self-contained and enable the exploration of the module’s features without having to wire in any external circuitry. To this end, the board comes equipped with all essential buttons and status LEDs, temperature and light sensors, PWM-controlled RGB LED, as well as the backup battery and the circuitry required to enable the WM2000‘s low-power mode. The Kit is powered through a USB Type-C connector, which also serves as the wired debugging interface for the WM2000.

The board features a unique lock-and-release mechanism for the WM2000 that provides for effortless removal and insertion of the module: Two rows of horizontal spring-loaded pins hold the module in place while ensuring reliable connections to the module’s pins.

The WM2000 is ideal for creating IIoT solutions that are free from the limitations of traditional wired networks. The simplicity of Tibbo BASIC/C — aided by Cody, the template project generator, and TIDE — ensures timely and cost-effective development of stable, dependable applications.


WM2000 Companion App Demonstration (youtube)

Dual Tibbo BASIC/C apps

The WM2000 is the first Tibbo device that can store up to two compiled Tibbo BASIC/C binaries (only one can run at any given time). All our earlier products store a single app that can take up all of the flash space not occupied by system files and TiOS. The WM2000 — which has at least four times the flash storage of any predecessor — allows you to store the second app in the space left over from the first one.

A Device Configuration Block (DCB) of the WM2000 allows you to define which of the two apps runs when the device is powered up or reboots (there is an override through the MD button/line that forces execution of the first application). A web app called BLE Terminal is provided for interacting with the DCB through the WM2000‘s BLE console. Tibbo BASIC/C applications can access the DCB through a provided API.

Simplified Wi-Fi connectivity

The WM2000 features a significantly revamped Wi-Fi API facilitating automatic association with a designated wireless network. This makes the module’s Wi-Fi interface as easy to use as the Ethernet port on “wired-first” Tibbo devices. Set the target Wi-Fi network’s SSID and password, enable “autoconnect,” and the WM2000 will automatically associate with the network and keep associated when in range! This also enables wireless debugging of your Tibbo BASIC/C apps.

All parameters related to automatic Wi-Fi association are stored in the DCB and can be configured via the BLE console or through Tibbo BASIC/C code. A companion app that ships with the module also allows for configuration of the Wi-Fi interface.

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WM2000EV Evaluation Kit for WM2000C



WM2000 Hardware Manual (online)
WM2000 Programming Platform (online)
Transport Layer Security (online)

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