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CAM502 Development Board

CAM502 Development Board

CambridgeIC’s CAM502 Central Tracking Unit (CTU) chip is a high-speed single-chip processor for position measurement. It implements the electronic processing for resonant inductive position sensing technology. The CAM502 measures the position of contactless, inductively coupled targets relative to sensors that are built from printed circuit boards manufactured to CambridgeIC’s design. A selection of sensor geometries is possible, including rotary and linear. The CAM502 Development Board is a PCB including the CAM502 CTU chip, circuitry for Type 2 and 6 sensors, a regulator for optional 5V input, and a line driver for optional asynchronous serial interface over RS485. Please refer to the CAM502 datasheet for more details on features and specifications of the CAM502 chip, and to the appropriate sensor datasheet for sensor details and performance.


  • CAM502 CTU chip
  • Circuitry for Type 2 and Type 6 sensors
  • Operates from 3.3V
  • Optional 5V supply with on-board regulator
  • 3.3V SPI interface with 5V tolerant inputs
  • Optional asynchronous serial interface


  • Prototyping CAM502 chip based applications
  • Processor board for high-speed position sensor systems

If connected with the CTU Adapter (SPI to USB converter) to a Win-PC the CTU-Software can be used.

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CAM502 Development Board

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