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CAM502 Central Tracking Unit (CTU): 2-channel high-speed position sensor controller

The CAM502 is a single-chip non-contact high-speed position sensor IC for resonant inductive position sensing. It can measure a single sensor at 5000 samples per second. Measurements can be synchronised to a host SPI interface so that results are delivered to the host with as small as possible Group Delay.

The CTU measures the position of contactless, inductively coupled targets relative to sensors that are built from printed circuit boards to CambridgeIC’s design.
The CTU supports a wide variety of different sensor types, including rotary and linear.


  • Resonant inductive position sensing engine
  • Fully ratiometric measurements
  • Pipeline measurement for high-speed operation,
  • Pipeline measurement for minimising Group Delay from physical position to SPI read
  • SPI communications (slave device, up to 10Mbit/s)
  • User IOs for sample indicators
  • Internal software upgradable over SPI
  • Works with one Type 2 or one Type 6 sensor
  • External crystal controlled timing
  • QFN28 (6x6mm) package


  • Group Delay from physical position to SPI ready ≤ 140µs
  • Noise Free Resolution… 12…15 bits at typical gap, depending on sensor
  • Up to 3 more bits available from optional on-chip filtering, at the expense of additional Group Delay
  • Automatic tuning to resonators across ±7% frequency range
  • Maximum update rate 5100 independent samples per second
  • Single 3.0…3.6V supply
  • -40°C to +125°C (CAM502BE)

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