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Hollow Shaft Capacitive Absolute Encoder (100mm), High Durability

Designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding applications

The Netzer VLR-series of Electric Encoders™ are a line of encoders designed to meet the needs of various industries, especially in extreme environments from defense to heavy machinery.

The VLR-series is engineered for high durability, it is a non-contact, low-maintenance, and easy-to-install solution. The capacitive technology ensures dependable performance, which is crucial for industries that operate under tough conditions.
These encoders are based on capacitive technology developed and improved for over 20 years by Netzer Precision Position Sensors.

  • Low profile
  • Hollow shaft (Stator / Rotor)
  • No bearings or other contact elements
  • High resolution and excellent precision
  • Immunity to magnetic fields
  • High reliability in extreme environments
  • Durability and ease of installation
  • High tolerance to shock, moisture, EMI, RFI
  • Holistic signal generation and sensing
  • Digital interfaces for absolute position

The holistic structure of the VLR-series Electric Encoder™ makes it unique. Its output reading is the averaged outcome of the entire circumference area of the sensor. This inherent design characteristic provides the VLR-series encoder with outstanding precision and accuracy.
The absence of components such as ball bearings, flexible couplers, glass discs, light sources & detectors, along with very low power consumption, enables the VLR-series encoders to deliver virtually failure-free performance.

Technical Data

Part Number OD
Accuracy Interface Max. Speed
VLR-100 105 53 12,5 178 18 … 20 ± 0,006° SSi / BiSS-C 4000 Single turn

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Netzer Product Catalog (PDF, EN)

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