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CAM Sensor Rotary Type 1

Rotary Sensor Type 1: 25mm/36mm/50mm

This rotary sensors have 25/36/50mm diameter and measures absolute the angle of a target. Used in conjunction with a CTU chip, the system reports full absolute angular position over 360°.

A single CAM204 Central Tracking Unit (CTU) chip can operate up to 4 Type 1 sensors, including a mix of linear and rotary.


  • Simple non-contact target
  • Full absolute sensing over 360°
  • Standard 4-layer PCB process
  • Stable across temperature
  • Highly repeatable

Performance 25mm Sensor

  • ±0.5° (±0.14%) Absolute Error at gap 1.5mm
  • ±1° at Radial Misalignment 1mm, gap 0.5…2.5mm
  • [lt]±0.18° change (±0.05%) across temperature -40°C…85°C, ≤ 3.5mm Gap

Performance 36mm Sensor

  • ±0.5° (±0.14%) Absolute Error at gap 1…8mm
  • ±1.5° Absolute Error at Radial Misalignment 2mm, gap 1…3mm
  • ±3° Absolute Error at Radial Misalignment 2mm, gap 1…7mm

Performance 50mm Sensor

  • ±0.6° (±0.17%) Absolute Error at gap 5…12mm
  • ±1.4° Absolute Error at Radial Misalignment 2mm, gap 6…10mm


  • Motion control
  • Actuator position feedback
  • Insert for precision front panel knobs and sliders
  • Valve position marking
  • Industrial potentiometer wiper replacement
  • RVDT replacement
  • Optical encoder replacement

Technical Data

Sensor PCBs:

Part number Description
013-0006 25mm Rotary Sensor Assembly
013-0012 36mm Rotary Sensor Assembly
013-0011 50mm Rotary Sensor Assembly
013-0015 75mm Rotary Sensor Assembly


Part number Description
013-6001 300mm 6-way Sensor Connecting Cable
013-1005 Standard Target


25mm Rotary Sensor Type 1 datasheet (PDF)
36mm Rotary Sensor Type 1 datasheet (PDF)
50mm Rotary Sensor Type 1 datasheet (PDF)

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CAM Sensor Rotary Type 1

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