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Reference Design Board for TMC4671 and TMC6100

TMC4671+TMC6100-REF-TOSV is an open source reference design for ventilators / respirator systems. It is a BLDC servo driver for voltages from +12V to +36V and motor RMS phase currents up to 6A. It offers a wide range of connectivity with its SBC connector in Raspberry Pi style, the addon board header for a standard or custom pressure sensor addon board, and general purpose I/O. Communication is via standard TTL UART or RS485 (when using the standard addon board TOSV-SENSOR-REF).

Technical Data

Features and additional Resources

  • TMC4671-LA Hardware Servo Controller
  • TMC6100-LA Hardware Gate Driver + MOSFETs
  • Supply voltage input +12V to +36V DC
  • Motor phase currents up to 6A RMS
  • HALL sensor interface with +5V sensor supply
  • Supply rail monitoring with overvoltage protection using external brake resistor
  • Digital UART interface for communication and control with an SBC or other host
  • SBC I/O connector in Raspberry Pi style to connect a single board computer (SBC) for higher level application control and and HMI / display control
  • General digital I/O header with GPI, GPO, I2C, and +3.3V
  • Addon board header for a custom pressure sensor addon board
  • Pressure sensor addon board reference design TOSV-SENSOR-REF
  • TMCL-based firmware for configuration and permanent parameter storage


TMC4671+TMC6100-TOSV-REF datasheet

Link to project:

Trinamic Open Source Ventilator (TOSV)

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