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Closed Loop Stepper Motor Closed Loop Controller [&] Driver 3A/48V with USB/EtherCAT

TMCM-1310 is a fully closed loop Stepper control unit with EtherCAT® real time bus control for Stepper motors with incremental a/b/n or SSI absolute Encoders. With its real time EtherCAT® bus interface it perfectly fits all applications, that require high relieability and high dynamics.To simplify the parameterization in addition to the field bus interfaces USB is available full access.A graphical parameterization tool for quick and easy parameterization of all closed and open loop functions is available for download free of charge.TMCM-1310 controlls one bipolar stepper Motor with up to 3.3A RMS coil current and supply voltages up to +51V. With incremental a/b/n encoders or absolute SSI encoders it supports a highly efficient and reliable closed Loop current and position control.

TRINAMIC closed loop parameterization tool allows for a quick start into closed loop Stepper control. By the press of a button your motor + encoder setup is deteced and first movements an positioning can be executed to find the perfect parameter set.

TRINAMIC closed Loop stepper control combines both highest dynamic and lowest power consumption. Without the risk of loosing a step TRINAMIC closed Loop allows for current reduction to close to zero when no load is applied while having the full torque available without delay if necessary.

As a member of the EtherCAT® technology group TRINAMIC provides highly efficient real time controlled servo controllers for some years. The high dynamics of a closed loop stepper system and the fast real time bus EtherCAT® are a perfect match and the logical step from classical three-phase to high pole count servos.

Technical Data

Technical Data:

Motor Type Stepper, 2-phase, bipolar
Control Type closed loop
Motor mountable -
Supply Voltage 9...51V
Max. phase current (RMS) 3A
Interfaces EtherCAT, USB
S/D Driver Interface -
Microstep Resolution 1…256
Motion Controller X
Acceleration Ramp linear
Encoder Interface ABN, SSI
sensOstep™ Encoder resolution -
End- [&] Ref.-Switch IN 2x
General Purpose IN (digital) 6x 24V
General Purpose OUT (digital) 8x OD, 6x 100mA, 2x 1A
General Purpose IN/OUT (digital): -
General Purpose IN (analog) 2x 0...10V, 12bit
stallGuard2™ X
coolStep™ X
spreadCycle™ Chopper X
microPlyer™ (interpolation) -
stealthChop™ (no noise) -
dcStep™ -
Dimensions 110 x 110 x 26,3mm
Order Code TMCM-1310
Firmware Order Option -TMCL
Related Cable Loom TMCM-1310-CABLE


TMCM-1310 hardware manual (pdf)

TMCM-1310 TMCL firmware manual (pdf)

TMCM-1310 getting started with USB (pdf)

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