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TMCM-1636 Family

BLDC Motor FOC Controller [&] Driver, 30A/24V or 20A/48V, CAN+UART

The TMCM-1636 is a single axis servo drive for 3-phase BLDC motors and DC motors with up to ca. 1000W running at +24V or +48V. It offers a CAN [&] UART interface with either TMCL or CANopen protocol for communication. TMCM-1636 supports various positions feedback options: 2x incremental quadrature encoders, analog encoder, digital HALL sensor, absolute SPI- and SSI-based encoders.

Customization of firmware and hardware is possible.

Technical Data

Technical Data:

Module Type TMCM-1636-24V TMCM-1636-48V
Motor Type 3-Phase BLDC, PMSM 3-Phase BLDC, PMSM
Motor mountable
Supply Voltage 12…30V 12…58V
Max. current (RMS) continous 30A 20A
Max. current (RMS) short time peak 60A 60A
Interfaces UART, CAN UART, CAN
Feedback System Incremental encoder
Digital HALL sensors
Analog encoder
absolute SPI [&] SSI encoders
Incremental encoder
Digital HALL sensors
Analog encoder
absolute SPI [&] SSI encoders
End- [&] Ref.-Switch IN 3x 3x
General Purpose IN (digital) 4x optically isolated 4x optically isolated
General Purpose OUT (digital) 2x 2x
General Purpose IN (analog) 2x 2x
Mechanical dimensions 100 x 50 x 18 mm 100 x 50 x 18 mm

Order Codes:

Order Code Firmware /
Current /
TMCM-1636-24V-TMCL TMCL 30A / 24V
TMCM-1636-24V-CANOPEN CANopen 30A / 24V
TMCM-1636-48V-TMCL TMCL 20A / 48V
TMCM-1636-48V-CANOPEN CANopen 20A / 48V


TMCM-1636-CABLE 1x 2-pin Molex MicroLock Plus cable
for electromagnetic brake connector1x 40-pin Molex MicroLock Plus cable
for I/O connector

7x 1.5sqmm leads with M4 eyelets in
different color, high temp / SIF


TMCM-1636 hardware manual (pdf)

TMCM-1636 TMCL firmware manual (pdf)

TMCM-1636 CANopen firmware manual (pdf)

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TMCM-1636 Family

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