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Stepper Motor Motion-Controller & Driver with SPI and UART (2,1A/36V)

The TMC5240 is a smart high-performance stepper motor controller and driver IC with serial communication interface (SPI, UART) and extensive diagnosis capabilities. It combines a flexible, jerk-optimized ramp generator for automatic target positioning with industries’ most advanced stepper motor driver based on a 256 microsteps built-in indexer and fully integrated 36V, 3.0A (max) H-Bridges plus non-dissipative Integrated Current Sensing (ICS).

ADI-Trinamic’s sophisticated StealthChop2 chopper ensures absolutely noiseless operation combined with maximum efficiency and best motor torque. High integration, high energy efficiency, and a small form factor enable miniaturized and scalable systems for costeffective solutions. The complete solution reduces the
learning curve to a minimum while giving best-in-class performance.

The H-Bridge FETs have very low impedance resulting in high driving efficiency and minimal heat generated. The typical total R ON (high side + low side) is 0.23 Ω. The maximum output current per H-Bridge is I MAX = 5.0 A limited by the Overcurrent Protection (OCP).
The maximum RMS current per H-Bridge is I RMS = 2.1 A at room temperature assuming a 4-layers PCB.
The maximum full-scale current per H-Bridge is IFS = 3.0 A and can be set by an external resistor connected to IREF. This current is defined as the maximum current setting of the embedded current drive regulation circuit. The nondissipative ICS eliminates the bulky external power resistors resulting in a dramatic space and power saving compared with mainstream applications based on external sense resistor.

The TMC5240 features abundant diagnostics and protections such as short protection/OCP, thermal shutdown, undervoltage lockout (UVLO). During thermal shutdown and UVLO events, the driver is disabled.
Furthermore, the TMC5240 provides functions to measure the driver temperature, estimate the motor temperature, and measure one external analog input.

For evaluation following boards are available:  TMC5240-EVAL, TMC5240-EVAL-KIT and TMC5240-BOB


Technical Data

Order Code: TMC5240ATJ+ TMC5240AUU+
Motor Type: Stepper, 2-phase, bipolar
No. Axes: 1
Motor Supply: 4,5…36V
Logic Supply: 2,2…5V
Phase Current, RMS: 2,1A
Phase Current, peak: 3,0A
Microstep Resolution: 1…256
Interfaces: SPI, UART
Motion Controller: Open Loop
Acceleration Ramp: EightPoint™
End- [&] Ref.-Switch Inputs: 2
Encoder Interface: ABN quadrature
StallGuard™ StallGuard2™ with SpreadCycle™
StallGuard4™ with StealthChop2™™
CoolStep™ X
SpreadCycle™ Chopper X
MicroPlyer™ (interpolation) 1…128 to 256
StealthChop™ (no noise) StealthChop2™
DcStep™ X
passive breaking X
RDSon Current Sensing ICS
Programmable Microstep Table X
Analog Temp. Sensor Input X
Package: TQFN32 5x5mm TSSOP38 9,7×4,4mm



TMC5240 datasheet (PDF)

Whitepaper: Leitfaden zur Inbetriebnahme der modernen Funktionen eines aktuellen Schrittmotor-ICs (German, PDF)

Whitepaper: Flüsterleise Schrittmotoren für alle (German, PDF)


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