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TMCM-1111 StepRocker Servo

Closed Loop Stepper Motor Controller & Driver, 2.8A/30V, USB/RS485/S&D

The TMCM-1111 StepRocker Servo is a single axis motor controller/driver board for 2-phase bipolar stepper motors. It supports S-shaped ramps in addition to linear ramps and closed-loop operation together with an external encoder.

The driver part offers highest smoothness and precision due to a high microstep resolution and the patented SpreadCycle™ chopper scheme for optimized current-zero crossing and -sine wave form. The integrated sensorless load detection stallGuard2™ and the load dependent current control CoolStep™ make this board unique. This features make it the first time possible to drive a stepper motor energy efficient!

The integrated ramp- and pulse generating positioning motion controller can be attached via USB or RS485. Up to 3 driver can be controlled simultaneously. A 3-axis application can easily be build by connecting two external drivers (e.g. additional StepRocker Servo) via step [&] direction signals.

It is possible to use the StepRocker Servo with the Trinamic Motion Control Language TMCL™. The board comes with the preinstalled firmware. The integrated development environment TMCL-IDE for PC can be downloaded and used free of charge. It is possible to remote control the stepRocker Servo or to write and download complete command sequences for stand-alone use.

For the first steps only a power supply, a stepper motor and a PC are necessary.

Technical Data

Technical Data:

Motor Type Stepper, 2-phase, bipolar
Motor mountable
Supply Voltage 10…30V
Max. phase current (RMS) 2,8A
Interfaces USB, RS485
S/D Driver Interface 1x IN, 2x OUT
Microstep Resolution 1…256
Motion Controller X
Acceleration Ramp S-Shaped, linear
ABN Encoder Interface ABN (TTL)
sensOstep™ Encoder resolution
End- [&] Ref.-Switch IN 2x STOP, 1x HOME
General Purpose IN (digital) (3x TTL)
General Purpose OUT (digital) 2x OD, 100mA
General Purpose IN/OUT (digital): 6x TTL
General Purpose IN (analog) 1x 0…10V, 12bit
stallGuard2™ X
coolStep™ X
spreadCycle™ Chopper X
microPlyer™ (interpolation) 16 to 256
stealthChop™ (no noise)
Board Size 55 x 85mm
Order Code TMCM-1111
Firmware Order Option
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TMCM-1111 hardware manual (pdf)

TMCM-1111 TMCL firmware manual (pdf)

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TMCM-1111 StepRocker Servo

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